Who is BE.

BE. is a collaborative effort that thrives off the passion and talents of many super-talented young, inspirational, curious and creative minds. Each with their own experiences and expertise to share, our collective works by providing a supportive space for these people to meet, learn and grow their ambitions together.

Heading up BE.’s creative components are our diverse lineup of mentors. These are people known as influencers, leaders, aspirational figures and most importantly, as the embodiment of true, authentic being. Having combined their creative passion with a fierce drive for success, our mentors are owning it in their chosen field and aspire to help others do the same.

Whether it be during a talk or a workshop, our mentors are there to stand with participants as their co-collaborators and peers. They share their stories with authenticity, honesty and in ways that actually relate to young minds. BE.’s mentors are intrinsic to the nurturing environment it creates for young people.