Who can BE.

While our services are designed with 16 to 30 year-olds in mind, BE.’s all-inclusive framework means that we invite all young free thinkers to be involved. Put simply, BE. is for anyone with creative passion and a desire to nurture their potential.

Our services are particularly powerful for those who feel limited by mainstream learning models or pressured by the weight of conformity. Unlike the lessons taught in school, BE. holds a space for us to embrace our true, authentic selves. It’s a chance to feel a part of something bigger and to broaden both our friendship circles and our minds.

BE. brings young minds a relevant, accessible platform upon which to share their ideas and passion with the community.


Outreach Services

The beauty of BE.’s transferrable model is that our services can be taken directly to participants. Our workshops, talks and events can be held in the very spaces where young people feel most comfortable, secure and able to engage – whether it be their classroom or local community centre. By acknowledging and catering to the diversity of backgrounds our participants come from, BE.’s outreach component provides better and easier access for young people.

Running our outreach programmes calls for partners who are just as dedicated to the next generation of thinkers and leaders as we are. If your organisation, school or community has the means and motivation to facilitate BE., speak to us at be.info@becollectiveculture.com Together we can tailor something that really speaks to your young community members.


Our outreach services

BE.CREATE - hands-on workshops teaching creative skills with a backbone in mentorship

BE. CURIOUS - a space for relevant and mind-expanding discussion.

BE. CREATE + BE.CURIOUS - a combination of two of our key offerings.


Public events

Everyone is welcome along to our public BE.CREATE, BE.CURIOUS and BE.COLLAB events. Stay in the know by following @be.collectiveculture or checking out (WEBSITE).