Our Aim

We’ve spent years listening to, respecting and learning from the perspectives of young people. What we’ve found is that their communities are largely lacking a space for their brilliance.

Today BE. is setting out to change this by providing young people with a unique platform to fuel their creative ambitions.

Through congregation and collaboration, we will:

  • Form an all-inclusive, collective community.

  • Empower young people to own their strengths.

  • Create a unique, nurturing environment in contrast with what has been taught in school.

  • Provide young people with a sense of belonging and purpose.

  • Promote free-thinking, creativity and self-expression.

  • Encourage young people to be curious, respectful and learned.
  • Support young people to become the best versions of themselves by feeding their passions.
  • Encourage collaboration and peer learning.
  •  Provide young people with relevant skills in creative fields.
  • Help young people resist conformity and live as their true authentic selves.

Our Outcome

BE. is a tangible example of the way many different people can impact each other’s lives by broadening their perspectives.


Through nurturing, collaborative learning experiences, our participants should be able to:


  • Break free of restraints that have stopped them from achieving their full potential.
  • Feel supported to become the best version of themselves.
  • Be capable of speaking with others rather than being spoken to.
  • Be respectful, inclusive and sharing.
  • Bring back the power and help their peers.
  • Create a space for the brilliance of others.
  • Recognise their growing support network.
  • Gain soft skills and relevant knowledge in creative fields.