BE. Curious

BE.CURIOUS is a talk series that actually speaks to young people. Feeding their curiosity with relevant topics, BE.CURIOUS gives audiences a respectful, inclusive and open space to seek a deeper understanding and connection to the world around them.

Our hand-picked panelists come to BE.CURIOUS as well-rehearsed and passionate experts in their field. Sharing their wealth of knowledge in ways that speak directly to young people. These guests aim to educate, inspire and ultimately leave the audience thinking.

Attendees will also be encouraged to participate in an open discussion to further explore the topic. In this wholly non-judgemental environment, they’ll be supported to open up and ask questions in ways that are respectful, healthy and helpful.

Though the venue for BE.CURIOUS is ever-changing, the space is always curated in such a way that creates an entire sensory experience. Visual displays like paintings, drawings and other bodies of work supporting the topic will bring the environment to life for attendees. Healthy snacks and pressed-juices will make sure their hunger is just as well-fed as their minds. BE.CURIOUS is an experience that positively serves all the senses.

Ultimately BE.CURIOUS seeks to ignite curiosity and inspire contemplation within young people. To keep that reflection going long after they leave the venue, each attendee will also receive an original BE.CURIOUS magazine. With all creative content related to the talk’s topic, the magazine will consist of essays, poetry, artworks, articles and self-affirmations from the panelists and other bright minds. On top of that, attendees will also find pages at the back to take notes and jot down ideas. The BE.CURIOUS magazine serves as the perfect point of reference for inspiration and reflection.

BE. CURIOUS is offered to the public and as an outreach service for your school or organisation.


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