BE. Create

BE. CREATE is an innovative hands-on workshop experience. It’s a unique learning opportunity founded in peer collaboration and mentorship. Joined by creatives who are influential in their fields, BE.CREATE participants will have the chance to learn directly from the kinds of people who are most relatable and aspirational to them.

Our BE.CREATE leaders are hand-picked based on their art, street cred, enthusiasm to share their approaches and their passion to shape a fun, interactive experience. We invite them to speak about their own journey in the industry – how they began their path, the good, the bad and everything they have learnt from those times. These honest insights, communicated through relevant and relatable language, make for an invaluable experience for participants.

At the core of our BE.CREATE workshops, we aim to provide a real and unfiltered insight into what it takes to be a thriving creative. By providing a nurturing, engaging and insightful small-group experience, supported by respected mentors, we give participants the tools to kickstart their own creative journeys.

BE.CREATE is offered to the public and as an outreach service for your school or organisation.