BE. Collab

BE. COLLAB is a one-of-a-kind clothing label made possible through the collaborative efforts of artists. Its designs are born from a simple brief: to create an original print that interprets and expresses what BE. means to them. In this the label provides a new dimension of artistry for these creatives to explore; a chance to cross mediums and perform their work in innovative ways.

For each item of clothing sold, a portion of the profits will go directly towards offering BE.’s services to those organisations and youth services who can’t afford it. BE.COLLAB gives every individual the opportunity to make conscious consumption habits and positively benefit their community.

The BE. clothing label is gender-free, breaking the mould of strict identity performance and conformity we’ve become so ruled by. Vibrant and bright, its prints encourage freedom of expression and empower us to live unapologetically as ourselves.

BE.COLLAB is a celebration of sheer individuality.

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